Further Links

Further Links

Links of great climbers who have helped me:

Gareth ‘Gaz’ Perry

Gaz was my first coach. He taught me movement skills and how to go for it i.e. commit. He is a lovely genuine guy and a true friend.


Johnny Dawes.

Well what to say about the creator of The Indian Face (E9 6c, HP 6c). Johnny does not need further introduction. This gent is a rock god and a rock legend both on grit and in North Wales. The Stone Monkey coached me in body positioning, coordination and balance. He is one of the loveliest guys I have met. A true gentleman of the climbing world.


Neil Gresham.

Neil  is an amazing all round climber and a lovely, friendly approachable guy. Neil taught me breathing and how to climb with silent feet amongst other things.

http://www.neilgresham.com/index.php  http://climbingmasterclass.com/

Other climbers:

These people are climbers that I have a great and admiration for. This list is by no means exhaustive

Steve McClure


John Dunne


James Mchaffie


Tom Randall and Pete Whittaker.

These two amazing crack climbers told us how to jam properly at a Crack Climbing Masterclass



Leo Houlding


Kenton Cool

The only man to climb Everest 11 times – I think.


Sir Chris Bonnington

A truly amazing nan in so many ways. He is  – like Johnny Dawes – a role model and an inspiration to me.


Greg Boswell


Where it all started for me:

Craggy Island Indoor Climbing. I owe a lot  to the staff there – especially Marcus Boal who spends most of time in Spain these days and Gareth Squires who left and moved to Scotland.


Information and useful websites:

Summit Post. For everything Alpine

SuperTopo. Big Wall specialist website

Planet Mountain.

Camp to Camp.


Climb. A Magazine dedicated to everything climbing and mountaineering.

Summit. The BMC magazine that all members get free via post


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