Psyched to get on problems and psyched for Birchen Edge trip

On Wednesday I continued with rainbowing and I got so confident that at the end of the day I headed to the shortest wall in the Mile End Wall top attempt a vertical juggy VB problem after a few attempts, even though I was tired, I managed to get to the second hold from the top but I scared to go for the last hold because I thought my left foot would slip of the smooth edge-like hold. To end the day I did a very short session on a finger board in the training room. During the day I talked to one of the instructors there about climbing in The Peak and in Fontainebleau – a bouldering paradise near Paris – I also mentioned my trip with Nathan to Birchen Edge that might be happening on the 25th.

On Friday it was back to the Mile End Wall to try and complete that problem but my mistake was that I did a session on the finger boards first instead of doing the fingerboards half way through the session – as a fellow climber pointed out to me. I attempted the problem in the usual way till that fellow climber pointed out to me different ways of doing it – every time and every way I got to that the hold before last. I then decoded to give up n VB and started to look at the V0-V1 circuit and the problem on that wall where the VB problem is/was. I think what I am lacking is core strength and I discussed this amongst other climbing topics including climbing destinations and rock boots with the fellow climber.

I am really psyched about the possible up-and-coming Birchen Edge trip. If all goes to plan – weather permitting – it will be my first climbing trip of the year and my first time on the legendary grit(stone). I plan to second, toprope and boulder with Nathan and his instructor friend at Birchen. I have been looking at train times and accommodation and with the advice and help from fellow UK Climbing users I have found three descent hotels to stay at near my pick-up point of Chesterfield Station,  these are Ibis Chesterfield City Centre, Premier Inn Chesterfield North and a Travelodge hotel.


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