New Year, New bloggiong style

Hello and a Happy New Year!

After a Christmas and New Years break from climbing I was back at the walls. Instead of going to problems I took some advice from my fellow UKC users and rainbowed up the walls instead which I found most pleasurable and enjoyable. Rainbowing is climbing on the wall using any holds for feet and hands. I first tried this at the Mile End Wall on Monday and it feel really good, I started on a wall that was not so high and after two attempts to get to the top, on the third I reached a top hand hold. Filled with confidence and happiness I went to another wall for a same but did not reach the top on any of the attempts what I did gain was confidence on crimps as a lot of the holds on that wall were crimps and there were not many jugs on that wall. At the end of the day I headed for one of the tallest walls there to see how high I could get up and discovered I could get almost three quarters of the up to the top. I enjoyed this so much that I did the same thing on the Wednesday of the past week.

Even though I enjoy being at many London walls I really want to climb outdoors especially on the gritstone where many great climbers and alpinists started off, even more so more now thanks to the marvelous work of art that is Peak Rock. I would love to spend a lot of time this winter and spring on the grit to get a good foundation on it and then head to further other places in the UK. I think all forms of climbing appeal to me but I like the whole gear aspect of trad and the purism and simplicity of bouldering.

Thanks to rainbowing I am becoming more and more confident on different holds.


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